Automated website screenshots

Maintain thousands of website screenshots, for docs, marketing and testing, with ease.

Cliperado features

The sitemap is a visual overview of your website and web app. At the top is the homepage or login screen. From there you can add all features, wizards, the onboarding process, forms and modals in different states, etc.
Up-to-date website screenshots with Cliperado (Sitemap Tree)
Up-to-date website screenshots with Cliperado (Sitemap Tree)
Markup & clips
You hardly ever need the full screenshot. Clips are smaller cutouts of the full screenshot. Select the part you need, and use our CDN link to host the clip. Add markup to highlight the important parts and point your user in the right direction.
Help center
Create easy to follow help guides. With our help center you can create support articles, best pratices, FAQ's and step-step-step guides. It supports multiple languags, just like our clips. Cliperado is smart enough to automaticaly use the clip in the correct language.
Up-to-date website screenshots with Cliperado (Sitemap Tree)
Up-to-date website screenshots with Cliperado (Sitemap Tree)
Your screenshots never looked this good. Combine your desktop, tablet and phone screenshots in a device to create great looking images that sell your service. The compositions are automatically updated when one of the clips changes.
For who is Cliperado?
For anyone who wants to use numerous screenshots of their website and web app, but doesn’t want the manual burden of maintaining them.
Create easy to follow step by step guides with localised clips and help guides.
Create awesome compositions, of your screenshots with multiple devices.
Super easy No-code visual testing, with a few clicks.
Track what your competition is changing in their web app.

Sure, a couple screenshots are easily, but how do you know which screenshots have changed? And what about taking screenshots every week, including screen modals, multiple step wizards. Our service has multiple languages, and we want to take the screenshots for desktop, tablet and phone sizes. Cliperado makes this easy.


CEO at Paydro

Paydro website composition

How Cliperado works

  • 1
    Cliperado takes screenshots, by scraping your website. This can also be of pages behind the login.
  • 2
    It compares the old and the new screenshot. Changes in the screenshot are conveniently highlighted.
  • 3
    You check the changes. If all is okay, you approve to new screenshot.
  • And you are done.
    You don't have to find the changes yourself, Cliperado points them out to you.
  • “Hold on, screenshots are fine, but I need just parts of it. I spend hours in photoshop cropping, adding arrows, highlight areas ...” We've got clips for that.
Create and maintain website screenshots automatically (Automated screenshots)

Clips from screenshots

  • 1
    Clips are cutouts of the full screenshot. From a single screenshot, you can create as many clips as you like.
  • 2
    To clips, you can add markup, such as boxes, Add markup to website screenshotsarrows
    and highlighted areas to focus attention on the important bits.
  • 3
    Each clip has its own URL. Instead of uploading your images, the clips are hosted online by us.
  • 4
    When you approve the new screenshot, the clips are updated along with it. Boom!
Create clips from up-to-date website screenshots

Edit clips anywhere

  • What if you see a clip you want to change? We've got a shortcut for that. With our browser extension, you can right-click on any of your clips, jump to Cliperado and edit it live.
  • We've mocked out this experience for you. Just :hover over this clip, click edit in Cliperado.

Automated website screenshots

Take hundreds of screenshots of your website in minutes, up-to-date, automatically