Web app screenshots. Up-to-date. Automatically. Always.

You probably know what an impossible task it is to maintain screenshots of your web app.
Cliperado fixes that.

Automated screenshots

  • 1
    Cliperado takes screenshots, by scraping your web app. This can also be of pages behind the login.
  • 2
    It compares the old and the new screenshot. Changes in the screenshot are conveniently highlighted.
  • 3
    You check the changes. If all is okay, you approve to new screenshot.
  • And you are done.
    You don't have to find the changes yourself, Cliperado points them out to you.
  • “Hold on, screenshots are fine, but I need just parts of it. I spend hours in photoshop cropping, adding arrows, highlight areas ...” We've got clips for that.

Clips from screenshots

  • 1
    Clips are cutouts of the full screenshot. From a single screenshot, you can create as many clips as you like.
  • 2
    To clips, you can add markup, such as boxes, arrows
    and highlighted areas to focus attention on the important bits.
  • 3
    Each clip has its own URL. Instead of uploading your images, the clips are hosted online by us.
  • 4
    When you approve the new screenshot, the clips are updated along with it. Boom!

Edit clips anywhere

  • What if you see a clip you want to change? We've got a shortcut for that. With our browser extension, you can right-click on any of your clips, jump to Cliperado and edit it live.
  • We've mocked out this experience for you: just hover over this clip, click edit in Cliperado.

Keep all your screenshots up-to-date Take hundreds of screenshots of your web app in minutes, up-to-date, automatically