Screenshot-first help guides.

Showing your customers how to use your service has never been easier.
Create Ikea like step-by-step help guides, with active screenshots™.

Active Screenshots™

Active Screenshots - always up-to-date.

Cliperado crawls your service to take screenshots of any page. It clicks on links, fills out forms and logs in. Cliperado follows the sitemap, you setup once, to take the screenshot you want. Reuse the sitemap for multiple languages.


Slice screenshots in multiple clips

Add markup

Crop sections from the screenshots, for your step-by-step guides. Add arrows, or dimmed overlays to focus on specific areas.

Link the clips in your site & help guides

All clips are hosted on our CDN

Clips are instantly updated when the screenshot changes

Every clip, has it own url, that never changes.

Help Center

Create help articles and step-by-step guides, in multiple languages

The language of the clips, is automatically matched

Screenshots in help center are first class citizens.

Compare new & old screenshots

Approve the new screenshot, updates the clips

The old and new screenshot is compared to find the differences. You might have to move your markup around a bit, when the layout is changed. Once you approve the new screenshot, the clips are updated.

With Cliperado

Your screenshots will always be up to date, automatically. You can even use them for quality control. Multiple languages, not a problem. 2000 screenshots, piece of cake. No Photoshop, no Skitch, no hunting for changes.

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