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Learn what clips are. How to create clips from screenshots and clips of variants.

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What are clips

To explain something to your user, you usually only need  part of the full screenshot. Clips are smaller sections of a screenshot, to which you can add markup, like arrows and highlighted sections. Example:

Full screenshot:
Clipped screenshot:
ydFNVkbl.clpClip with arrow markup:JZDgmtnT.clp

How to create clips from screenshots

Follow the Get started with Clips tutorial.

Sitemap variants & clips

Like sitemaps, the clips come in variants as well. Each clip has a unique predictable link per variant.

  1. General clip links28SyXDRt.clp
  2. Click on previewlTD5Bkh4.clp
  3. See the specific language / variant linkyGvbmgnR.clp
  4. for the English variant for the Spanish variant