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Create a composition

Learn how to create compositions

Updated over a week ago

With compositions you can combine multiple clips in one image. By putting clips in a device, you can give a screenshot context.

cgQb84hn.clpComposition of a screenshot of a Cliperado sitemap inside a Laptop.

Create a composition

  1. Go to compositions and click on new compositionMP9Jc5lZ.clp
  2. Click on add mockupggs1KRmC.clp

  3. You can insert multiple mockups to create compositions that combine devices. The small phone scales the clip down, to match the relative size with the laptop.
    In this tutorial we choose the laptopYrdJNt93.clp
  4. The laptop is inserted in the compositionyxdKP36k.clp
  5. Click on add clip
  6. Enter the URL of the clip and click Add ClipsZJG95Dj.clp
  7. The clip is inserteddd7DgnpW.clp
  8. Click on "Clip to mockup"MQTSY5CG.clp
  9. The clip is clipped to the shape of the laptop screenZFtvsC6m.clp
  10. Move the clip into position. When you drag the clip, it will snap into position inside the laptop screen area9BdBkxBY.clp
  11. Use the Composition URL to insert the image in your site.1NyBznm5.clp