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Turn a screenshot into instruction clips

How to crop section of your screenshots

Updated over a week ago

  1. Click on the screenshotBSGW6QrN.clp
  2. The clip page opensydFNVkbl.clp
  3. Click - Clip icon, to add a new clipJZDgmtnT.clp
  4. Click - Crop icon, to crop the screenshotg1PrGQLj.clp
  5. Position, resize the area to your likingzrMtDgRM.clp
  6. Click - Arrow icon, to add and position and arrowTmLTLQFT.clp
  7. Click on the “preview clip” link, to open a preview of the clipyGvbmgnR.clp
  8. Done | Use the clip link in your documentation